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What are Lead Capture Pages for?

The lead capture page has multiple advantages and benefits. For example, when you send a prospect to your company website you take a risk. Think about this, there are a few scenarios that could take place. The best case situation would be that they buy your product and/or service or join your opportunity. Unfortunately, the most frequent thing that takes place is they leave your website. Even if they are interested and return at a later date they will most likely go to Google to look for the name of your product or company. Now the real question is, “Are they going to find your website?” Most likely not… since there are only 10 spots on Google’s first page and statistically most people do not go to the second page. What does this mean? You have lost the opportunity to convert that prospect into a team member or customer.

The lead capture page is designed to create curious. The “sizzle” from a video, graphics and some well planned marketing verbiage will catch and hold their attention. Then you offer them something of value if they fill out the form; a book, other bonuses, the ability to watch a video or find out what company or product you are promoting. Here is the key and where the “magic” takes place. You capture their contact information. And why is this so important? Now you know who visited your page and can follow up with them by sending an email and/or calling them on the phone.

In our system the prospect is also put on an automated auto-responder series. This is a number of emails that are sent automatically to the prospect. You can completely customize the messages that they receive.

Can I use this system for my company?
This system has been designed to work with any and all Companies. There are a host of generic pages for many niche markets. Example pages include skin care, weight loss, travel, generic opportunity, and more. More and can be seen looking at the examples above.

Our Generic pages (non company specific) create curiosity and interest. Once the prospect fills out your form the tour-taker can be directed to any webpage that you want whether it is a secondary page with a personal message or directly to your company website, blog or money page. Capture pages work well for direct selling, affiliate and network marketing. These pages will help you achieve better results with any business model and increase your bottom line.

Do I have to be a computer genius?
We have designed our system to be very user friendly and quite intuitive. There are also video tutorials if you get stuck and you can always contact us for help with any glitches that you experience.

Which membership is right for me?

You can begin with a Silver Membership and upgrade when you need the ability to send out more emails or take advantage of the other benefits that come with a Gold Membership.

Will this do everything for me automatically and build my business?

That would be nice and although it automates a lot of tasks for you that would take you hours and hours of time and the system accomplishes things that quite frankly you would never get done, it cannot replace the personal touch that a visit or a phone call can make. There are products or services that don’t require any person-to-person communication and this will do almost all the work but other business models work best with the personal touch.

We like to recommend that people use all the best technology to generate a greater number of people to speak with.

Are the capture page customizable?

There are several pages that you have complete control over and can build your own capture page from the ground up. It has a WYSIWYG editor so you can edit text, add pictures, make links and if you know html you will be able to do a lot more with the system. The system pages have varying levels of customization. You can generally replace the video, some text and some pages have more items you can customize than others.

Why don’t you offer phone support?

Our pricing is very competitive and one way to keep our costs down is to manage support requests via email or a ticketing system. Some of our technicians don’t speak English very well so it is better for them to get an email that they can translate. It is true however that most questions can be answered with the video tutorials that are in your system’s back office.

Does the system have preloaded auto responders?

Yes, we have professionally written emails that are loaded into your account. These are 100% customizable but have proven to be effective without any editing.

Can I integrate this with a 3rd party contact management company like Aweber?

Yes, for those people that want to build a list in two places we support a number of different third party companies. They are Aweber, GetResponse, GVO, Pure Leverage, Traffic Wave and iContact.

How is your email deliverability?

Our deliverability is excellent. We take spam very serious as well as other email practices that can cause an email to get a bad reputation. This has kept our ability to deliver emails to inboxes. We have a service that monitors our IP address to make sure we know immediately if our server gets put on a blacklist.

Can I import my leads?

We do not allow people to import leads in bulk unless they are double opt-in leads and have the documentation.

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