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Know Who Is On Your Page

Without a capture form people can come to your site and leave without you ever knowing. The lead capture form if used properly should cause people to fill out the form to get some offer and then you keep their information and build a list.

Don’t Lose The People That You Reached

In today’s world people are more and more savvy with the Internet and doing business online. Most people know to “shop” around for a sponsor when it comes to joining a network marketing company. So if you send them to your company website they can very easily go to Google or YouTube and find another sponsor that appears to have things going. With a generic page you are peaking their curiosity to fill out the form, which you get in your lead manager and now you can email them or call them. This gives you the opportunity to meet and greet them and build that relationship which is fundamental to success.

Having a generic page also does not allow them to pre-judge your product or opportunity.

Ease Of Use

We have been complemented over and over on how easy it is to set up our system and start marketing successfully with it in under 20 minutes, most of the time. There are tutorial videos to help with the various tools and if something is not clear we have a customer service department that is always ready to serve.

Save Money

For all the features that we provide in our system you could cancel 2-3 different services, which you would be paying even more. You also have the opportunity to make suggestions for new pages, which could cost you over $100/hour to have designed and developed.

Build A List

It is of utmost importance to your success that you build a list. Even if the people that visit your site don’t respond to your current product or opportunity that does not mean that they never will. Different case studies have shown that the value of one lead can be on average, $60 per year. If you are not focusing on building a list then you are missing out on a very important part of building a business.


In our resource section we provide videos on how to do some of the most important things online to build a business. Subjects like how to create a YouTube channel and upload videos. How to optimize the video with SEO so you can get better rankings in the search engines like Google. It is also important to use Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 sites. We provide foundational training for new network marketers and more being added every month and there is no additional fee for this information.

Our 2-Step Capture Page Plan

There are capture pages that direct the prospect directly to your opportunity as soon as they fill out the form but there is a better way and is what we use on most of our system pages. When a prospect fills out the form on your capture page they are redirected to a second page with an instructional video telling them to check their email an email with the confirmation link in it.

On this second page they also see your contact information and there is a button to go to the product, service or opportunity that you are offering them. This method has proven to produce better conversion rates and is implemented on all our future capture pages. We do allow you to bypass our 2 page system if you want to and direct the prospect to any webpage that you want.

System Scalability

We do invite clients to make suggestions on capture pages that we should add to our arsenal for everyone to use. We may not act on all the suggestions that we receive but do create a number of them. If we decide not to create the page that is suggested we do offer paid services to create pages for clients. There are very few limits to our services. We have a team of designers, programmers, developers and marketers that make our company and systems a success.

Duplicate Any Page

Any page can be duplicated more than once so you can advertise as many products, services or opportunities on that one page.


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